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ConneXions Individual Coaching is a great step on your path to peace. Join Jodi in a personalized meeting to discuss how to live in honesty, responsibility, and humility. She has helped thousands of people recover from addictions, fears, worries, struggles, and pains by teaching them simple yet life changing principles of Truth. You can meet with her personally, with a spouse, or as a family and it all costs the same! We strongly encourage taking a class BEFORE taking individual coaching thereby your experience with Jodi will be able to focus wholly on how you can apply the Principles of Truth because you will have already learned them from the class. You are able to meet by Skype or call for your sessions.


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$175 / 50 Minutes

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"Meeting with Jodi helped me during a time where I was feeling very lost and depressed. She helped me distinguish which thoughts of mine were true, and which thoughts of mine were out of proportion or coming from my head. The tools I have learned have helped me make my life much better."


"When I met with Jodi, I felt like what she was telling me, I already knew. Everything seemed so familiar but it was like I just needed someone to remind me of it. She was able to really make me look inwards and reflect on myself and contemplate how I deal with things regarding self doubt. She is incredible!"


"I was so glad to have the opportunity to talk with Jodi, I felt like I left feeling uplifted and able to take back my power in moving forward. So grateful for that experience"


"A heart opening and freeing experience. Jodi's perspective helped me to recognize my worth and see the power I have within myself and that's priceless."


"Jodi helped me make sense of my emotions and what they really mean. I left our conversation feeling empowered and confident about my future."


"Jodi allowed me the space to be vulnerable, validated my pain, and guided me into Truth. The principles she has taught me have changed my life"




Jodi Hildebrandt

Educator. Author. Mother.

I love to work with people and see them change. I'm very passionate about this work and seeing it go throughout the world. I look forward to working with you and seeing you find peace, happiness, and freedom in your life.

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