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Empowering Joy

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The LIVE Empowering Joy Membership classes start September 10, 2022. In this Membership, you'll gain access to principles of Self-Love & Self-Care, and more!

When you sign up for the Empowering Joy Class you get:

- 12 Pre-recorded videos on Self-Love & Self-Care topics

- Online access to the Self-Love & Self-Care digital workbook

- 54 videos from:

Life Q&A's with Jodi (6 videos)
▪ Victim: Entitled Irresponsibility
▪ The Power of Choice
▪ Personal Responsibility
▪ Competition: How to Win & Lose
▪ Choosing Good Friends
▪ How We Choose Addiction

Bonus Life Q&A with Jodi (11 videos)
▪ How to R.A.I.S.E. Yourself
▪ Anxiety: A Behavioral Outcome of Shame/Distortion
▪ How to Deal with Narcissism
▪ Toxic Shame
▪ What is Shame?
▪ The Power of Connection
▪ Emotional Connection
▪ Introduction to ConneXions
▪ Support Groups
▪ How to Change Dramatic Cycles in Relationships
▪ Use ConneXions in Your Practice

Recorded Video/Audio 1-on-1 Sessions with Jodi (13 videos)
▪ Parenting - How to Truly Love (audio only)
▪ Business - Relationships (audio only)
▪ Warning Signs, Technology, Boundaries, and Children
▪ Expectations & Boundaries
▪ Embrace Inevitable Pain - Banish Optional Pain
▪ Distortion: Overcomes Your Personal Lies & Denial
▪ Connection, Shame, Guilt, and What Enmity Really Is
▪ Marriage - Communication is Key
▪ Raising Children in Today’s World (part 1)
▪ Raising Children in Today’s World (part 2)
▪ Working on Distortion in School
▪ Repentance - A Daily Act of Love
▪ Love vs Lust in our Modern World

Conference Recordings (6 videos)
▪ Connection: The Greatest Material Need
▪ Parenting: Empowering Children to Become Responsible
▪ Choosing Peace in a World of Pain
▪ EDGE Leadership Training: The Power of Vulnerability & Connection
▪ Shame, Faulty Core Beliefs, Drama & Validation
▪ Shame vs. Guilt

Couple’s Retreat (September 2021) (9 videos)
▪ 3 Core Principles of Truth = Connection (Jodi)
▪ Boundaries within Marriage (Laura)
▪ From Chaos to Consistency (Kurtis)
▪ Panel Discussion #1
▪ Weaponizing Principles (Ruby)
▪ Protect, Provide, and Preside (Kevin)
▪ My Journey of Healing Towards Inter-Dependency (Maria)
▪ The Alchemy of Trials (Kelly)
▪ Panel Discussion #2

Women’s Retreat (January 2021) (3 videos)
▪ Control is not Love (Jodi)
▪ Boundaries (Jodi)
▪ Living a Principled Life (Ruby)

Men’s Retreat (November 2020) (3 videos)
▪ Body/Soul Discipline (Jodi)
▪ From Cradle to Coddle: Why You Shouldn’t Depend on Others for Your Happiness
(Kevin Franke)
▪ Boundaries are Love (Jodi)

Women’s Retreat (August 2020) (3 videos)
▪ Body Shame (Jodi)
▪ Culture & Truth (Ruby)
▪ Boundaries are Love (Jodi)