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ConneXions is a different modality of healing that psychotherapy cannot offer you.

TRANSFORM Your Pain into JOY

CHOOSE the LIFE You Want to Have

EXCHANGE Your Confusion for CLARITY

Does real change seem out of reach?

  • You’re a mom who doesn't feel good enough, and you’re just trying to survive another day with your child.
  • You’re a husband that gave up on your marriage a long time ago.
  • You’re a teen/young adult who has been paralyzed by anxiety, depression, and addiction.
  • You’ve gone to multiple therapists for yourself or your child without experiencing any real results.

You have the power to choose what the story of your life is going to be.

Empower your life with training that is built on principles of Honesty, Responsibility, and Humility!

ConneXions offers training that takes self-improvement to a whole new level. Start empowering your life with these training options.

    Join the Empowering Joy Community live on Zoom every Saturday (7-8am MT). Get 24/7 access to ConneXions Digital Library, which includes 50+ videos of Jodi’s live training sessions, retreats, and a Self-Care digital course.

  • MEN'S & WOMEN'S TEAMS ($75/week for 3 months)
    Meet with a group of men or women for 90 minutes each week to empower each other to heal and change. Jodi Hildebrandt MS moderates each team and provides live training and feedback on your immediate situation and needs.

  • 1-ON-1 TRAINING WITH JODI ($181/session)
    Meet with Jodi 1-on-1 for 50 minutes to get personal help and feedback on your unique situation and needs.


Are you ready to feel empowered?

Hello! I’m Jodi Hildebrandt MS
, your mental fitness and relationship expert.

I have spent over 25 years working with people just like you to help facilitate positive and powerful change. I began practicing in the psychotherapy world, and my patients were not healing. When I began empowering people by educating them with principles of Truth (learning to be honest, responsible, and humble), I saw my patients radically change right in front of me!

You don’t have to be a victim to your circumstances or the people around you. You CAN have the life you want, but you must dispose of distortion's ugly lies in order to live in Truth, connection, and freedom.

Start your training with ConneXions to work on the foundations necessary to uncover the TRUTH: you have the power to make positive and long-lasting changes that can transform your life and completely change the path that you're on.

See you soon!
- Jodi Hildebrandt MS

ConneXions Training has empowered hundreds of men and women of all ages to create joy in their life and relationship.

Successfully navigating your life & relationships with clarity begins with you.

TRANSFORM your pain into joy


Become a member of Empowering Joy ($21/month) and gather weekly with others to learn with Jodi on Saturdays. You will be given a framework to see your life and relationships clearly. You will also gain the confidence and tools you need to change.

CHOOSE the life you want to have


Meet with men or women live on Zoom each week ($75/week for 3 months). Jodi will help you communicate openly and honestly about where you have been and where you are now. With Jodi’s guidance and the support of others on your team, you will be equipped to confidently choose the life you want to have.

EXCHANGE your confusion for clarity


If you’ve gone to multiple therapists and left feeling more confused, Jodi can offer you a different modality of healing that is grounded in Principles of Truth (being honest, responsible, and humble). She will help you go below the surface of your struggles and help bring your perceptions and emotions into reality. You will be given the tools you need to move through life with confidence and clarity.

Join a growing community of individuals and families who are experiencing the power of being honest, responsible, and humble!

Your diagnosis doesn’t define who you are. Life doesn’t have to be exhausting and confusing. Your teenager’s out-of-control behavior isn’t just a phase.

You are not helpless!

You can change, and Jodi will be there every step of the way to guide you on your journey of healing and creating joy in your life and relationships.

  • TRANSFORM your pain into JOY.
  • CHOOSE the LIFE you want to have.
  • EXCHANGE your confusion for CLARITY.

Discover the Power of Living in Truth

Download Jodi’s free mental fitness guide, Joy in Life & Relationships.