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We all have pain and most of us don’t know how to heal. Signing up for Connexions will help you to heal from whatever struggle you are going through AND will help you learn tools to help others. You will learn that peace comes from increased skill and not a change in circumstances.

Don't take our word for it!


An estimated 1 in 4 adults
suffers from a diagnosable mental condition

Depression reduces cognitive
performance 35% of the time

8 in 10 employees don’t seek
treatment because of fear and shame

Beyond healing stress and anxiety, here are additional benefits ConneXions can provide:

Deeper relationships

Stronger work culture

More happiness

Less drama

More unity

More innovation

More authenticity

Improved communication

Clearer expectations

Increased productivity

Higher retention

Less turnover

Less burnout

More safety and trust

  • 1“ Mental Health Facts in America,” National Alliance on Mental Illness,, accessed July 10, 2017.
  • 2“ StigmaFree Company,” National Alliance on Mental Illness,, accessed July 7, 2017.

What are other leaders saying about Connexions Training?

"I felt overwhelmed at work. I felt like I was on call 24/7 and that I had to rescue everyone. Learning self-care and how to set boundaries gave me the freedom to be honest with my feelings. I have a much better balance between work and family and am excited to continue to learn more. "

Wendy Jeffrey
Director of Escrow IT

"Forget ping pong tables and snacks, this program has become foundational for our work culture. Connexions has taught us HOW to live our values. Learning these principles will benefit our employees far beyond its application to work. "

Johnny Hanna
CEO of Homie

"My entire team went through the 6 week training and the principles were immediately implemented, benefiting our office. We communicate better, we understand each other better and we are better people having learned Connexions."

Dr. Steve Berry
Revere Health

"We have an obligation as leaders, to step up, be vulnerable, bring in a sense of humanity to the workplace, to eliminate the stigma around mental health. Connexions has helped me to do that."


Learn how to heal from stress and anxiety, learn how to set boundaries for better self-care, learn how to avoid drama in your own life and in the workplace, and more.

Masterclass Workbook

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 Workbooks: $35/each
Add additional 6 weeks of mid-week training for $695

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