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to Create Connected And Satisfying Relationships

Without Investing Years & Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Counseling

Key #1

Create Healthy Relationships

How to Create Healthy Relationships Without Having To See Or Be Held Hostage By Therapy Or Medication…

Key #2

Live In Peace & Happiness

How you can live in peace and happiness regardless of your current situation or whatever you have done or has happened to you in your past…

Key #3

Learn From ConneXions Veterans

How to instantly obtain direct contact with ConneXions veterans who will validate, support, and educate you further as you walk through your personal path to healing…

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For only $200 you will receive:

  • 3 months access to the Monthly Mentorship

  • Access to Connexions Community

  • Videos to watch

  • A Workbook

  • Homework to do

Tired of feeling:

  • Resentment

  • Loneliness 

  • Fear

  • Anger

  • Defensive

  • Disconnected

  • Hopelessness

  • Anxious 



Join our Connexions Community with hundreds of others, to get the tools you need to transform your life.

"I didn't know exactly when signing up for the Connexions 101 class and was a little nervous about what people would think about me. I was afraid to find anything wrong with the way I was living or thinking. I can honestly say that this class was the safe environment I needed to change things that seemed little but made a world of difference. I found that by being completely honest in my life and humbly taking responsibility when I make a mistake is so freeing. I felt true and lasting joy as I lived the principles taught in this class. "

Stacy Crane

"I took Connexions Masterclass on a friend’s recommendation. I thought it wouldn’t take much time- and would be easy. In fact, it does take time and it’s not easy. But it becomes easy and I went at my own pace. As I participated in the videos and accompanying workbook, I couldn’t help but uncover areas that simply needed cleaning up. Connexions also offers a wealth of podcasts, plus meaningful additional support in community. I have an extremely difficult family member, who is estranged from multiple people. The Masterclass put a lot in perspective for me, in how I relate to drama, manipulation and, previously unseen, subtle forms of abuse. And too, my part. My part; that’s always key, of course. Through my work with Connexions, I have seen a major shift in both myself and in my relationships, previously not attainable. And I have simple useful tools in daily life, for a lifetime. (Because this is not a quick course which simply ends.) It continues, as you keep applying yourself."

Joyce S







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