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Anger is your ally

May 21, 2020

Can anger/enmity really be your ally and friend? Most would say. . .NO! 

I would invite you to become curious and take a closer look at the Truthful function of anger/enmity in your life. 
Because of your childhood environment and family culture, many have taught you about emotions, specifically about what anger means, what to think and feel about anger, and how to use anger and how to act when you feel angry. 
Anger is an emotion!! IT IS NOT BAD! Anger is given to you to use for protection against anything or anyone who would/does create threat or harm. Anger, like any other emotion, can be used in Truth or distortion. 
Anger/Enmity is only an emotion. It is what you "choose to do" with the energy of anger, that it can be used in distorted ways such as to be devious, manipulative, aggressive, dishonest, lustful or abusive towards myself and others. 
Purpose of Anger: 
  • Promote you to hold boundaries with oneself and others
  • Create necessary change
  • Be vigilant in your environment
  • Send signals to you of potential emotional, spiritual, financial, social, familial, sexual and physical harm/danger
You are responsible for how you choose to behave, your emotions are not responsible for how you choose to behave. 
Learning how to be responsible for your emotions and allow yourself to feel anger/enmity is a vulnerable experience. Allow your feelings to teach you about you and the people/experiences that are in your environment. When you experience angry feelings in Truth, they are there to warn and alert you to what is going on around you and invite you to respond in Truth. When you feel anger, be thoughtful and get curious as to why. It is key that you understand this emotion of anger, as to allow yourself to create a relationship with it. Anger is one of my favorite emotions!  It alerts me to potential dangers of what people say or do or threats that are in my environment. 
Truthful experiences when you would feel anger/enmity:  
  • People who are hurting children
  • People who are manipulating other people
  • People who choose to act duplicitous and deceive others
  • Learning about the sexualization of children
  • People who are choosing to lust and objectify themselves and others
  • Being lied to!
Being responsible for the emotion of anger means to: 
  • Acknowledge how I feel
  • Understand what I think
  • Be clear about what I expect 
  • Know what I think and feel I am entitled to 
  • Be responsible for how I choose to respond 
As I learn that the emotion of anger is a gift and not something to be afraid of, I will learn to create an alliance with it and use it in Truthful ways to keep my world safe and secure.  
Questions to ask yourself:
  • Are you afraid of anger? Why?
  • Are you responsible for feeling your anger and behaving it in Truth? 
  • Do you know how to behave anger in Truthful ways? 
  • Do you want help giving yourself permission to engage the emotions of anger/enmity to protect you and your environment? 
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