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Sep 03, 2020


R.A.I.S.E. is a process that identifies distortion and invites a person, through their power of choice, to choose back into Truth.  The process is fail proof. . .if you work with someone who knows how to recognize Truth and distortion.  Truth and distortion are measurable and once you know how to "see" the deception inside of distortion you will always know which way is the Truth.  This process works inside of every experience, every time, with any age of person, and is consistently validating and individually empowering.     



Recognize your feelings/emotions

Ask for validation
Invited feedback
Spot distorted thoughts & false beliefs
Embrace the Truth


R.A.I.S.E. teaches a person how to recognize their emotions and be curious about their thoughts because thoughts proceed our emotions. Thoughts and perceptions are the instigators of whether you choose Truth or distortion.  All processing of every experience begins with how I project onto the experience either in Truth or distortion.  The process of R.A.I.S.E. hones your focus on those "first" thoughts and perceptions and invites you to be curious about what "path" you are choosing either Truth or distortion.  


R.A.I.S.E. invites a person to become curious about the meaning they place onto every experience, event, circumstance and scrutinize it for Truth or distortion.  There are only two paths in life: light or dark, "right or wrong" Truth or distortion.  These two paths are clearly identified and are measurable with characteristics, however, if you don't know that characteristics which identify each path, you will be deceived and choose onto the path of distortion.  To not know Truth, the default is choosing distortion.  Knowing what Truth sounds like, looks like, behaves like vs what distortion sounds like, looks like and behaves like is crucial in YOU NOT BEING DECEIVED!!   


R.A.I.S.E. empowers you to walk through any experience that you are not clear about whether you are in Truth or distortion and come out on the other side with clarity and connection to Truth.  Learn how to identify and become sensitive the voice of Truth vs the voice of distortion.  "The Truth will MAKE YOU FREE."  Learning this process and applying it to your own life and then assisting others to exit the deceptiveness of distortions grasp is a gift of monumental importance.  Everyone has a right to know the difference between these two voices.  I promise you, your life will be one of peace, surrender, calm and clarity as you do.  


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