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Basic Human Need

Apr 10, 2019

Connection is human need - and because most of us don’t know we need it we accept it’s deceptive counterfeit disconnection, to fulfill its space. The problem is disconnection feels connecting yet its whole goal/outcome is to drive a wedge between people to separate them. Or invite both parties to participate and create an outcome of disconnect / numb / enabling / distraction / denial / self-denigration / self-adulation / entitlement / blame / control / isolation / resentment / lack of boundaries / addiction / and a slew of other destructive behavior patterns. True connection DOES NOT create or participate in any of the characteristics listed alone. So if you’re in a relationship where you or the other person is engaging in these – you ARE NOT CONNECTED! You're deceived – and caught in an illusion – come listen to connection podcast and come to webinar to learn how to recognize disconnect and choose truth/connection.