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Emotional Honesty = Peace

Jun 14, 2018

Here are some questions to ask yourself about when you think about emotional honesty and dishonesty?

  1. Is manipulating a form of deceitfulness or emotionally dishonest? 
  2. Is pride a form of being lying or emotional dishonesty? 
  3. Is procrastination a method of being deceptive or dishonest? 
  4. Is entitlement a form of emotional dishonesty?
  5. Is denial a usage of dishonesty or emotional dishonesty? 
  6. Is agreeing with shame messages a form of emotional dishonesty or misleading oneself from the Truth? 
  7. Is selfishness a method of untruthfulness and deceit? 

To become emotionally honest I need to also be humble and responsible. Futhermore, I cannot be in any one of these three place (honest, humble, or responsible) without also choosing all three simultaneously. They are indivisible. Moreover, for this post I want to specifically hone in on emotional honesty.

What would it mean to you if these statements were true? What would you be willing to do to test these propositions? Choosing to be emotionally honest brings peace. Peace (not pain) can become your normal condition. At any point in time you can immediately shift from pain to peace.