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​Why does life offer inevitable pain?

May 13, 2019

The fear of being misunderstood.
The agony of your loved one choosing sin.
The heartbreak of others choices.
Being disappointed.
Not getting what you want.
Attempting to control your children and realizing you can’t.
A lack of confidence, losing a competition.
Feeling anger and sadness.
Believing a lie, a distortion.
Losing a friend, loved one, spouse.
Missed a fly ball/someone tells an off colored joke.
Someone comparing you.
All of these are opportunities to enter into inevitable pain which pain invites you into distortion.
Inevitable pain is pain you can’t control and it’s literally inevitable. You can only control three things in life:

  1. Your thoughts and perceptions.
  2. Your feelings.
  3. Your actions.

All else is out of your control and you are susceptible to pain because you aren’t in control of anything else.
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